No Wonder…

I just saw a post on allosexism and its effects on those on the asexual spectrum. How there needs to be a way to describe the dynamic that does not involve asserting that sexual privilege exists or that asexuals are oppressed.

Yes, asexuals’ claims to their own sexual orientation are dismissed or ignored. Many people’s first thought is that asexuals are broken or cannot be legitimate or honest about not experiencing sexual attraction.

But, in my opinion, I don’t see a reason for taking all of that to heart, or hinging your opinions about yourself on how others accept one small fact about you, when everything is setup so it is harder for them to understand even themselves.

The idea that a heterosexual person either cannot accept or fully understand an orientation outside of their own is not a surprise when even looking at the state of sexual education, in the US at least, divorce rates, number of single parent homes, all while society states that natural state for heterosexual relationships is monogamy (sexual and social).

People have such a skewed idea of heterosexuality and how heterosexual relationships work in reality, I am not going to hold them up to the high standard of understanding asexuality.

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